Thursday, 3 December 2015

hello there ..... MR PRESIDENT

HEY HEY HEY. Another amazing trip with ST Wolstan's. The date is October 8th and the Ty classes have taken a trip To the lively streets of Dublin. Alongside our English teachers Mrs Brogan and Mrs Holmes we take the bus the our capital city. Our first destination was the National Library of Ireland where we would visit the Yeats exhibition. We split into two groups. We headed into the Library and explored the Yeats exhibition. Every aspect of his life, From birth to death and everything in-between was there on display. As you may have guessed we have been studying Yeats and his poetry in School so attending this exhibition has definitely been of benefit. Not only educational but it was also great craic. My friend and I were walking around and we had a great laugh as we walked into the dark room and thought we were being chased by a ghost. We also ended up standing behind the screen where the movie was playing and the security guard thought we were part of the movie hahah.
 As we were about to leave the exhibition the security guard at the door told us the president was about to arrive. We all quickly assembled into a line ready to introduce ourselves to the president. He arrived  alongside his wife, The general and some security. Sadly he was in a Rush so it was a quick meet and greet. Looks Like we weren't the only ones visiting Yeats today :). We left the library and headed towards the Wold War One exhibition across the road. Inside we explored the room, Listened to some music and got an exclusive insight one World War one from the security guard.
We walked back to the Library so we could meet the rest of The Ty class. As we waited on the street just after they arrived the President came outside and we got a big group picture. He was very nice and his wife also talked to us for a few minutes. Then they were rushed into the car and drove away. We were all very happy. It was now time for lunch and we were given time to explore Grafton street in search for some lunch. My friends and I went for a lovely McDonald's. We then went to get some Ice cream. Just before we were too meet with the year group again we spotted a band plying some music at the end of the street. We all gathered around and started singing and dancing along. Our own mini dance mob. Tourists were recording and the band was cheering. The whole year group had joined in aswell as many other tourists and fans. The atmosphere was electric and it made the day. We started walking towards the national museum of Ireland for our final tour. As we walked people cheered and clapped, some football fans ran over to us with the Irish flags cheering, it was quite entertaining. We explored the museum and the bog bodies. I really enjoyed them and found them quite interesting. There was another school there  too and we were chatting for a while.
After a very exciting day we found our bus and went home. It was a lovely day.

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