Sunday, 15 November 2015

Merkel To Kilkenny

HEY HEY HEY, back again to tell you about the tales of class Merkel. The date is the 24th of September and class Merkel was about to take an unforgettable trip to the great county that is Kilkenny. We arrived at school for 8:45 and once again we were gone by 09:10. A two hour bus journey filled with beautiful scenery, lots of singing, treats, selfie time and stories. My friends group and I were on the mini bus meaning we were all together and shared a good laugh on the bus. The green fields, the sun brightly shinning. the sky clear water blue, it was like a perfect summers day. We arrived in the beautiful town, Kilkenny co. Kilkenny. We passed many beautiful sights including the gorgeous Kilkenny castle which was a destination we were later to visit that day. We got off the bus and began our walk to Odeon cinema not far from where we were. We passed by the Kilkenny town market and said hello to the people of the town. The beautiful mouth watering smells of fresh bread made me instantly hungry, the sights of chocolate and goodies increased my hunger and finally the mouth dropping sights of the fresh picked strawberries at the fruit an veg stand made my taste buds tickle. We continued our stroll through Kilkenny town and eventually made it too Odeon cinema. We bought our popcorn and goodies and in we went to our own private screening of 'The Song of the sea'. The atmosphere was electric as everyone was so excited about being there and for the movie. ahead. Suddenly, the lights switched off leaving us all in a pitch black room that was so warm it was as if we were inside a heater. 'Bom Bom Bommmmm ' played the opening add as all of our attention fixed onto the screen. The movie began and we were dead silent as we wanted to focus on the movie. Beautiful, colourful images appeared on the screen as the movie was beginning. The story was told and I can safely say it was the most beautiful movie I have ever seen and to know it was made in my home country makes me feel so proud. After watching the mythical movie and sharing a few laughs and tears with my classmates we set out to Kilkenny castle where we were to be taken on a tour of the production of 'The song of the sea ' movie. It was a real privilege We got back into our groups of ten and while one group was given the tour the rest of us were given the freedom to explore the grounds of kilkenny castle. Some pictures and selfies were taken of course and then as a group like the children we are we headed to the playground. Such a laugh I had with my classmates it was great.Then it was time for our tour. In we go and we were introduced to our tour guide who was one of the artists and producers for the movie. It was amazing. They gave us a step by step run through of how the movie was created, the inspiration, the time, the colours, the drawings and the hard work that goes into making the was such an amazing experience and one i wont soon forget !!! especially walking into the last room and seeing The Great Seanacha√≠ sitting there haha. One of my most favourite trips i hope future TYs get to experience such an amazing trip. <3 

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