Sunday, 6 December 2015

hey hey hey, its Amber day :)

Hey Hey Hey everyone, Today has been a very exciting day. The date is December 4th but in our school it was better known as Amber day. Over the past three weeks or so the students of TY and the the religion teachers have been working extra hard to make this day a huge success. The aim of Amber day was to promote mental health and positivity around the school as well as work towards getting the schools Amber flag. The students have been making posters, noticeboards, decorations, going around the classes spreading the word, and more as preparation for this day. We had different committees such as PR, Events, Noticeboard, Website, and more.  Each group had a job to do in order to make amber day a success. as well as those groups there were also committees for the day itself. We had the face-painters, The bake sale group, The positivity fairies and the Buskers as well as the website girls getting pictures of the day and presenting the new website for us.. Each student played their part and in result, making the day a huge success. The TYs arrived dressed in Amber the morning of the fourth and headed straight to the Library. We set up the chairs into a circle and sat down. Four girls from Ty went and gave the morning announcements and then played some music. Afterwards we got together with our positivity posters and emoji's and took some pictures. It was really great fun. After little break we began decorating the library and writing down positive quotes as well as discussing mental health and giving examples of how to deal with stress. Then the positivity fairies went to all the first years and most of the third years to hand out amber friendship bracelets. Sadly we didn't have enough for the entire school but its the thought that counts. When we returned we began setting up the hall for the bake sale and the library for the face-painters. Soon lunch rolled around and amber day fully began. The whole school got involved and I could see hundreds of girls with their faces painted eating cake wondering the school which made me quite happy. The buskers in the first year mall were excellent as they sang for the school. Absolutely beautiful. Before the end of lunch half of The tys were to go to the mill for Pe the rest stayed back to clean. It was a excellent day and a huge success. hopefully we made everyone's day a little more positive. I really enjoyed this day and everything about it. I hope the school did too. Ive already heard some lovely feedback which has made me feel proud for all of us. Stay positive everyone and have a great day <3

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