Sunday, 10 January 2016

Merekel meets Mary Poppins, A practically perfect performance

HEY HEY HEY !! The date is December 16th and the TYs are heading to a
Practically perfect performance. Mary Poppins, the one and only. We all arrived in school at around 10 am for the Christmas carol service. after a lovely service we all headed for the bus. on the bus we shared some songs especially some Disney and soon enough we arrived to the Board Gas theatre. We had an hour to explore the grounds so many of us went to nearby shops to buy a quick snack. Afterwards we went inside and found our excellent seats. Soon we were surrounded by the beautiful voices of the cast. the opening number was amazing and it set the Ecstatic atmosphere. Singing, Dancing, and the costumes it  was all so fantastic. the first half was filled with many beautiful songs and dances. And the second half certainly didn't disappoint with Bart 'stepping in time' upon the walls and the one and only Mary Poppins paying us a quick visit in the audience. An outstanding performance and a lovely memorable day with my fellow TY Peers.

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