Thursday, 14 January 2016

Calling all scientists, Calling all scientists!!!!

HEY HEY HEY !! the date is January 7th 2016 !!!!! AHHH HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!! Our first official day back at st wolstans. The TYs are joining with the second years to take a trip to THE BT YOUNG SCIENTIST EXHIBITION in the RDS. We left ealry in the morning around 9:15 and we all boarded onto the bus. We soon arrived and we were frozen. We received our tickets/ wristbands and scurried as quick as we could inside. SCIENCE SCIENCE EVERYWHERE. We went straight to the science and technology zone where we explored different sections and and observed different projects. That's mainly how the day went. Exploring the centre and observing projects. There was the always great dance piano which my friend and i challenged ourselves with, there was the 3d section, the funny photos booth, the mind tricks, the technology zone, the gaeltacht booths and many more. We also went to visit our good friends science projects as they were part of the exhibition. We are very proud of them. It was a great day with my friends and i really enjoyed it :)

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