Saturday, 24 October 2015

MY Transition to transition year :)

HEY HEY HEY :)  I will begin today talking about my transition to transition year ;) I didn't know what to expect for the coming year. The first week I was introduced to my classmates and given my weekly class schedule. The teachers were talking to us about what the year would be like and honestly it sounded amazing, I was so excited.  The second week on Wednesday 2nd of September we received two workshops. The morning we were given a first aid course which was very enjoyable as well as an elocution workshop in the evening. Here we learned how to walk tall and proper, make up tips, Job interview tips and more. It was a very enjoyable day. The following week on Wednesday 16th of September, we had our retreat. It was by far my most favorite retreat. It started with the three leaders pulling a prank on us. Then we played a game which was quite energetic and funny. If you cheated you were put on trial and given a punishment such as dancing, singing, telling a joke and more. Then we had a lovely hour of meditation which was so relaxing. I would love to have a similar retreat with the school in years to come.In between these events we have been enjoying classes learning our subjects with different methods and techniques which we did not use  in the previous three years. For example the school has introduced 'bring in your own devices' where we can bring in our electronics and use them for research in the classroom which has proven to be quite useful as it lets us access more information and gives us a chance to research in class instead of having to go to the computer room which is usually quite difficult as there are only two computer rooms and there are around thirty classes in the school who wish to use them. . We had a class debate on the refugee crisis in english class which I really enjoyed, We were split into groups of five and given our side of the motion, I was opposing the Motion. It was really good fun and I enjoyed getting the chance to debate alongside my class. All this and so much more to come throughout the year and I can not wait. Have a great day and keep reading !!!

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