Monday, 19 October 2015

TY with jessie

HEY, HEY,HEY , My names Jessica, Im from TY class Merkel and I'm here to tell you all about my  adventures in TY. It's been the guts of a month and a half and I already know that this will be my all time favorite year. It's been a wonderful learning experience as well as the most fun I could ever expect to have. From an over night stay in Carlingford to a private screening and tour of The Song Of The Sea in the beautiful county of Kilkenny to meeting our president in the streets of Dublin, Ty has been filled with so many amazing surprises that I never expected and all this just proves that I made the right decision in choosing TY. As well as these surprises I haven't lost the academic side of school, I continue to work on improving my knowledge in subjects such as English, History and Geography, I continue to try and improve my Maths and Science which I found quite difficult over the previous years and I have taken on two new skills, Music and Art which I never imagined myself taking part in at all but now I look forward to double music on a Tuesday morning and attempting to touch up my art skills on a Thursday afternoon. Mini company proves to be as fun and challenging as I expected but I quite enjoy it and our product is under production and should be on sale soon.
I can't wait to share all my memories with you so please keep reading and enjoy your year. Thank you :)

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